Sub-Specialty Services

Pediatric sub-specialty care is available to our patients through a number of different avenues.  We have visiting subspecialists who generally provide week-long clinics several times a year for our patients with chronic conditions.  These subspecialists also provide diagnostic and therapeutic recommendations for newly presenting patients with difficult medical conditions.  Currently, we have subspecialists in cardiology and nephrology rotating through LBJ Tropical Medical Center.  We also have access to tele-Dermatology through the internet.  Additionally, we are able to consult adult subspecialists in other areas, such as rheumatology and cardiology when they are on-island.  LBJ Tropical Medical Center participates in the Pacific Island Health Care Project, based at Tripler Army Medical Center in Hawaii.  This project allows practitioners at LBJ to consult subspecialists at Tripler via an internet-based telemedicine network.