Lana Flippo, MD

I’m Lana Flippo and I’m very happy to be able to share with you my experiences working at one of the most secluded and unique places on the planet: the LBJ Tropical Medical Center in American Samoa.
I was born, grew up and received my medical education in Western Ukraine, near the border with Poland and Hungary.  After completing a Pediatrics Residency there in the early 2000’s I moved to sunny Los Angeles, California, got married, had two beautiful children, and studied to accomplish the USMLE examinations so that I could obtain a US medical license.
Being an IMG  I was extremely fortunate that LBJ Hospital agreed to sponsor my licensure application and to allow me to work as a Pediatrician in the Territory during 2010 and 2011.  In 2012 I competed for the ERAS Match and I was successful in matching into an excellent University program and I am now performing the first year of my residency!   I can say without reservation that if it were not for the US clinical experience I obtained at LBJ I would not have been successful in getting into a US residency program.
The thing that impressed me the most about my time on the island was the wonderful friendliness of the Samoan people and the hospital staff.  The island is beautiful beyond words and I had a fantastic time kayaking, hiking, playing tennis and just relaxing at the beach.   Working in Samoa is the ideal choice for people who want to experience a traditional culture, secluded beaches, stunning coastal scenery, and lush tropical rain forests while gaining experience treating tropical cases and working with the most friendly and supportive medical staff in the world.
My time in American Samoa was a defining life experience that enriched my knowledge, increased my professional confidence, and allowed me to see and treat medical cases that I would never have seen in the Continental US.  Looking back, I’m happy to reflect on my many unforgettable memories of American Samoa, the many friends I made while there, and how fortunate I was to be able to work there and to obtain the US experience that made it possible for me to get into a US residency program.
No matter whether you’re an IMG, a current resident in a US program interested in performing an elective, or an experienced physician looking for an opportunity to make a difference treating underserved patients in this most remote corner of the US, I’m sure your experience working at LBJ will be as fruitful and fulfilling as was mine.
Welcome to the Island!