Luciara DeSouza, MD

I had the fortune of spending a month in American Samoa, working in the Pediatrics Dept of LBJ Tropical Medical Center in Sept 2010.  I had been in transition between jobs at the time, and it was the perfect opportunity to practice tropical medicine, help an underserved community, and experience a new culture.  What I found at LBJ was an excellent group of caring pediatricians and pediatric nurses, who work very much as a team to serve their patients and strive to provide EBM in underserved conditions.  I had the opportunity to practice ambulatory care, hospital and emergency pediatric medicine, neonatology, and treat those tropical diseases I’d only read off in books.  Overall, the experience there grossly exceeded my expectations, and my only disappointment was that I didn’t stay long enough!

In American Samoa I met a very warm and unique culture, and had a multitude of fun adventures, including hiking through mountains down to deserved pristine beaches, exploring amazing rock formations, and waterfalls, and scuba diving under the clear blue South Pacific Ocean.

My background consists of General Pediatrics residency and board certification, from the Medical College of Virginia, with a focus on acute care.  I currently practice emergency medicine pediatrics in the Tampa Bay area of Florida, as well as Medical Informatics, and also teach the pediatric curriculum to South University Physician Assistant Program.