Patricia A Cleary BSN, RN, MS, ARNP-BC
I was born and raised in NYC where I also completed my bachelor of science in nursing at the College of Mt. St. Vincent and master’s of science at PACE University.  As an RN, BSN, I worked mainly in critical care in NY, CT and Denmark.  Yearning for more challenges professionally, I embraced the world of nurse practitioners finding my way to Seattle, Washington where I spent several years in research at the VA Puget Sound, emergency services at the University of Washington Medical Center and finally pediatric otolaryngology at Seattle children's hospital.  

Personally, I am the proud mother of 4.  On my free time, I love being with family and friends, cooking, playing with my mastiff and being outdoors. 

I was fortunate to have the opportunity to serve the pediatric population at LBJ May 2015-May 2016. My husband and children were also with me as well as our mastiff.  It was an experience that has changed me not only as a nurse practitioner but also as a human being.  I have learned the true meaning teamanship and the phrase, “it takes a village.”  I hope to always carry the simplicity of life that I learned from the Samoan families I have met wherever I go.