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Sergey Shushunov, MD

Sergey Shushunov MD, formerly a critical care pediatrician also trained in medical acupuncture and pharmacognosy. Sergey held academic appointments at Universities of Kansas and Illinois. During the past few years he has been working on new Therapeutic Temperature Management System for body temperature control. 

Sergey developed and patented several natural remedies for children's most common condition such as colic, diarrhea, earache etc. He has a company which manufactures children's products.

Sergey's past interests included hunting, sailing, literature, theater, art galleries, kayaking. His love for hunting and sailing took him to the most unusual and remote destinations on several continents. Sergey was not a trophy hunter and he looked at hunting as an opportunity to experience different cultures. He tries to visit art galleries in every city he travels to. He goes to theaters often, relying on his wife's exceptional ability to pick good productions.

Sergey's past most favorite physical activity was kayaking on lake Michigan.