Zaha Husaini, MD

Coming to American Samoa as a pediatrician was an invaluable experience both professionally and personally.  I came to American Samoa prior to finishing my third year in residency in the U.S.  The learning and teaching were phenomenal. My experience was so wonderful I do hope to return someday again!

I spent my time working alongside board certified American pediatricians, and other very competent pediatricians in LBJ Tropical Medical Center.
My time was spend rounding on ward patients in the mornings, and then working in the outpatient clinic in the afternoons.  Call consisted of covering the ward, ER, NICU and going to high risk deliveries when needed.  Patients needing intensive care were admitted to the ICU and cared for by pediatric hospitalists, including myself.  I found my experience extremely rewarding and also a great learning opportunity.  I was exposed to unique pathology and illnesses being in the tropics.  My general pediatric medicine skills were definitely exercised, and not having high-end technology imaging and diagnostic support made me practice and learn medicine in a way that was a great experience professionally.  I loved the local population, and working alongside the other physicians was a pleasure.  I definitely made lifelong friendships during my stay in American Samoa.  As for the tropical ambience and scenery---it was amazing and breathtaking.  The waterfalls, rain forests, local villages and culture all made my trip unforgettable.  Being abroad, yet still on American territory was also comforting.  I highly recommend and encourage other pediatricians, residents and attendings, to take this journey and make it a part of their learning and professional enhancement.